I'm Tsuru, a visual artist from Indonesia. I'm an art streamer and creating original character contents and character designs. I am experienced in creative fields for 5+ years and had been working with several local and international clients. Pleased to meet you!

Contact : [email protected]
(Whatsapp for local clients)


Several artworks i contribute for company projects. Backgrounds are made by various artists.

CiernaVT (2022)

Koffie Bitte © Memories - Interactive Otome Stories 2019-2020

Pionicon (2014-2019)

PUBG - Close To You (MV)


Personal Artwork


Currency :
🟡 Indonesian IDR rate adjusted by most recent conversion rate
🟡 Prices displayed below are Commercial Rates
🟡 Prices may vary depending on the amount of character's design complexity.

Before ordering, please read my TERMS OF SERVICE

Menu 1 - Illustrations

Price : Starts from $700 up to $2000
Styles are adjusted by requests
May be used for
◽ Game illustration scenes
◽ Promotional campaign
◽ Media asset
◽ Book illustrations & Covers
◽ etc

Menu 2 - Character Sheet & Design

Price :
Char Sheet only : Starts from $800

Depending on complexity
Design provided by client
Char Sheet + Design package: Starts from $1500
Depending on complexity
Includes front - back - side view character sheet
May be used for
◽ Mascots
◽ Virtual streamer
◽ Game characters
◽ etc

Menu 3 - Character Design Service

Price :
Full character : Starts from $500 up to $800
Outfit redesigns : Starts from $300 up to $500
Depending on complexity
Single view of character only
May be used for
◽ Mascots
◽ Virtual streamer
◽ Game characters
◽ etc

Menu 4 - Chibi Illustrations

Depending on complexity
May be used for
◽ Media Assets
◽ Promotional campaign
◽ etc

TypeStarting Price


▪ Files served in Veeadotube Mini format
▪ Each hotkeys ready in Veeadotube
▪ Canvas : 2048 x 2048
▪ Commercial rights included
▪ Every hotkeys has 2 modes; idle blinking & talk
Price adjusted depending on complexity
May be used for
◽ Virtual Avatar Streaming
◽ Media Assets
◽ Promotional campaign
◽ etc

TypeStarting Price
Chibi halfbody$300
Add-OnsStarting Price
Extra Expression (idle+talk)+$40 each
Extra Pose (same base, no animation; idle+talk)+$25
New Pose (new angle, idle+talk)+$100

Menu 6 - Media Asset

Price : Starts from $200 up to $500 or above
- Series of PNG only assets for various media purposes, does not include the usage for merchandising.
- Styles are adjusted by requests
- No backgrounds
◽ Music video
◽ Game asset
◽ Banner, promotional poster
◽ etc


Price : Starts from $600 and above- Client may request for product endorsement or promotional campaign
- Each endorsement are made in one of these media; illustration, comics, or video format.
- Price are adjusted depending on the media used for the promotion.
- Please send an email for further discussion
- I do not accept endorsement that promotes hate speech, violence, politics, or any forms of discrimination.

Terms of service


  • Please provide visual references and compact information of the character. Avoid giving wall-of-text descriptions.

  • Avatar makers (picrew, tinyme, etc) are very helpful as well.

  • Please avoid using adoptables character/outfit that does not belong to you or any designs that may infringe copyrights.

  • Major & minor revisions are allowed up to 3 times. It is recommended to point out the parts at once.

  • I only work on weekdays. Any deadlines in weekends shall be arranged to be submitted on weekdays, please contact me for further details.

  • Credits are required to refer me as the artists

  • I do not accept commissions that promotes hate speech, racism, violence, or any infringement of human rights.


  • Any conversions into merchandises, please contact me for further discussions.

  • Clients may edit, resize, and crop the artwork to create the art in various non-commercial digital format. However, you may not alter the artwork (recolor, tracing, etc).

  • I reserve the right to reuse concepts or elements that were rejected by clients for other purposes.

  • I retain all the rights to my work and use the image as a sample for sales or self promotion.

  • My commissions (both personal and commercials) are strictly prohibited to be used / submitted for NFTs and crypto purposes.


  • All payment is in USD via Payoneer, Wise, or Arty.ooo and Bank BCA, Jenius (IDR) for Indonesian clients.

  • Installments are available according to this scheme :

  • 10% upfront as booking fee -> 40% after sketch approval -> 50% after finished artwork

  • Maximum due date of payment is in 10 days. I will not submit any progress or full resolution files before payment is received.


  • Any deadlines shorter than 3 weeks shall be charged with additional rush fees 25% up to 50% of the total price. The shorter the deadline, the higher % of the rush fees.


  • Any communications can be through email, discord, or whatsapp.

  • Virtual or offline meetings can be arranged only in weekdays.

  • I work on Monday - Friday at 10am to 5pm, WIB / GMT+7